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About Regional Anesthesia Associates

Regional Anesthesia Associates (RAA) is a single-specialty professional medical practice headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, and is the Community Division of the Duke University Department of Anesthesiology.

Regional Anesthesia Associates has existed continually in its current and previous corporate structure for over 30 years. The practice originally formed as Durham Anesthesia Associates, PA, in 1977, and operated as this entity until January 1, 2007 when Regional Anesthesia, PLLC was created.

Our Board Certified physicians provide anesthesia services to facilities in Durham, Wake, Johnston, and surrounding counties, including a complete range of perioperative services and 24/7 hospital coverage at North Carolina Specialty Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital, Duke Raleigh Hospital, and Johnston UNC Health Smithfield and Clayton.

Operative anesthesia services include: pediatric, obstetric, gynecologic, general, orthopedic, neurologic, vascular, thoracic, cardiac, urologic, ophthalmologic, plastic, oral/maxillofacial, bariatric and ENT. For these cases, a wide array of techniques including IV sedation, general anesthesia, and regional anesthesia are offered.

Regional Anesthesia employs regional blockade techniques of peripheral nerves, major plexuses, and the neuraxis, using single injections and continuously infusing catheters when appropriate. These regional techniques can facilitate earlier discharge from ambulatory and Post Anesthesia Care Units (PACU), which can reduce hospital costs, as well as offer patients superior postoperative pain control.

Additional anesthesia services include preoperative consultations for all non-emergent cases, vascular access and emergency airway management consultations, intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography, as well as acute and chronic pain management services.

The Duke Community Division of Anesthesia

The Duke Community Division of Anesthesia was formed in 2007 in affiliation with Regional Anesthesia Associates. Within this academic-community relationship, Regional Anesthesia Associates maintains the culture, governance, and work ethic of a successful private practice.

Regional Anesthesia Associates was also instrumental in the founding of the Duke School of Nurse Anesthesia in 2000.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of Regional Anesthesia Associates is clear and concise:

First and foremost, Regional Anesthesia Associates strives to provide safe, comprehensive, and state of the art anesthetic care to our patients.

Regional Anesthesia Associates supports the goals and initiatives of each facility for which it provides services.

The physicians of Regional Anesthesia Associates reinforce our mission and vision every day by supporting each other professionally and performing at the highest levels of their abilities, within the clinical sites that Regional Anesthesia Associates serves.